The new dimension in bike care!

BikeGroovy has the experience from 25 years of pioneering work in cleaning technology and industrial systems behind it. And the love of biking – combined with high-quality components, a robust design and perfect craftsmanship.

A clean result

The BikeGroovy has a clever combination of temperature and cleaner which deals with even the most stubborn dirt.

Gentle cleaning

Low washing pressure combined with the cleaner and hot water provides gentle cleaning with perfect results.

A clean affair

Thanks to the splash guard and collecting tray, the washing area stays clean and the surroundings, and even the user, stay dry. The integrated separator separates mud and oil from water – an additional benefit for nature!

BikeGroovy Eco: sustainability plus

Muscle strength, coordination and perhaps a little bit of battery power: cycling is resource-saving by nature. A principle that BikeGroovy seizes on and takes to its logical conclusion in the form of low water consumption, an oil separator and the biodegradable cleaner.

In the Groove?

Ask us about your BikeGroovy and get a sparkling clean quote.