The extra Groove.

Need a little more Groove? Configure your BikeGroovy just how you need it: with made to measure add-on modules.

The BikeGroovy brings in the cash with a coin slot – and only runs as long as you want it to.

For those who prefer things more modern, there is a convenient cashless payment system for their BikeGroovy for card and mobile payments.

BikeGroovy mobile? Even that is possible! 4 wheels and you can wash bikes wherever you want. The BikeGroovy stands on 6 solid feet as standard.

Why lift heavy bikes when there’s the practical roll and hold package to save your back?

If the BikeGroovy is too far away for a compressed air line, there’s space in it for a small compressor..

Groovy Berta guarantees gleaming results. The cleaner is biodegradable and is therefore soft & green for bikes.


Your BikeGroovy can also be customised to your circumstances and needs. Be it in terms of construction (e.g. special connections), language (labelling) or design.

Right aligned BikeGroovy with Italian stickers

In the Groove?

Ask us about your BikeGroovy and get a sparkling clean quote.