The sustainable Bike wash from Austria

Green professional washing for your bike

You wash your hands with soap. Cars go through the car wash. And bikes? With the BikeGroovy.

Anyone who loves their bike washes it.

Biking is booming. With the result that more people than ever are indulging in cycling today. In all its forms: on the racetrack, on cycle paths, on trails, downhill or in the bike park. In the saddles of bikes that can do more than ever, and the price tags reflect that. We look at such bikes. And we not only cherish them, we also keep them clean. Preferably with the BikeGroovy from now on.

The new dimension in bike care

Splash guard

The washing area is as clean as
the bike after washing
thanks to a splash guard.


Compact design and made
fatto in acciaio inossidabile
stainless steel.

Oil separator

The separator separates mud
and oil from water – driven by
responsibility for nature.

Flow heaters

Thanks to flow heaters, the bike is kept warm even in places where there’s no hot water connection for miles.

Dosing pump

The dosing pump guarantees
the exact ratio of cleaner
and water.

Compressed air

Con l’aria compressa, la catena e
rapidly with compressed air.
A few drops of oil on the chain,
and nothing stands in the way of
you enjoying your bike.

Washing at low pressure

Washing at low pressure: gentle
enough for e bikes, and the bearings
and components will thank you too!

Water consumption

Just 1.8 litres of water a minute: you
can hardly call it consumption.

Discover the difference

vorher nachher

Take a look for yourself

Washing with Groove

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Add-on modules

The extra Groove.

Need a little more Groove? Configure your BikeGroovy just how you need it: with made to measure add-on modules.

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